Demigods Rising Unleash Minions On The Battlefield

August 19, 2014 by brennon

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The focus of Demigods Rising right now on Kickstarter has been to introduce the Minions to the range of miniatures you'll be fighting with on the tabletop. See what you think of the final design they settled on for these lowly creatures...

Minion Design #1


Minion Design #2

These Minions that you see above in the sketches and artwork will carry Weakness Tokens (number one design has been chosen!) across the board each turn. They have low health and armour and can't attack either but if they get to the other side of the board they will deliver the token to your opponent and score a tactical point. You can spawn a few of these and hopefully use them to sneak through a few extras!

The design of them is very cool and reminds me of Darksiders and some of the monsters from that game world. I like that they've got this 'realistic' looking miniature carrying what's essentially a big game piece across the board to the opponent. It's breaking the fourth wall almost!

What do you think?

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