Learn Cool Card Combinations For Demigods Rising!

August 14, 2014 by brennon

Demigods Rising is taking some time to check out some of the card combinations that you might want to try out with equipment for your deadly heroes. Check out the combinations and some of the items below and then a bit of a run down on it over on their Kickstarter page!





It certainly does have that MOBA feel of something like League of Legends or Dawn of the Ancients and I can see some very powerful combinations being worked out to help push these characters in interesting directions. The potential for upgrade packs full of cards to change up these heroes is also something we could look out for.

Trapper & Blacksmith

As well as the card combinations being discussed the Kickstarter has unlocked the Trapper now as an added warrior and the Blacksmith is next on the horizon. I'm not entirely sold on his axe-come-hammer but it is a Dwarf so I will let it go.

Have you been thinking up card combos already?

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