Learn All About The Gameplay Of Demigods Rising!

August 4, 2014 by brennon

Demigods Rising bust through their original funding goal on Kickstarter and with that they thought it might be a great time to check out how to play the game thanks to a video from Jogando. You can see the video itself above!

Demigods Rising Board

It's quite an in-depth video so maybe have some painting to do while you watch this mammoth gameplay video. The game does look like it's shaping up well and the funding has already unlocked some extras.

Knight & Fairy

Above are two that have already been unlocked. One is the superbly well armoured Knight who looks like he could handle himself and the other is the decidedly less well armoured Fairy who I assume uses magic to stop her foes and whatever weapons they're looking to hit her with!

What do you think of the gameplay?

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