The Tactician Gives His Orders For Demigods Rising

August 7, 2014 by brennon

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The Tactician for Demigods Rising has finally been realised and their unlocks are going well too! See what you think of this master of battlefield control that will be one of the other sons fighting for his father's place as God of War.


That is one cool looking model and while it's a render I think they've proven that they can do the miniatures justice as well. The existing Protector was very cool indeed (can't get past how brilliant the two shields are!) and I think the Tactician will be just as ace.



As well as the Demigods themselves we also have the heroes that will be backing them up and the Guardian has been unlocked with the Elementalist to come when they hit around the $100k mark. I'm fairly sure when I run a set of heroes in this game I'm just going to go with an all Dwarf set!

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