Destiny Video Game Now Released With Epic Trailer!

September 10, 2014 by brennon

Bungie Studios' Destiny has now released pretty much everywhere and the live action trailer above does nothing to make me feel any better about not having a console to play it on!

Destiny Team

Destiny Screenshot #1

Destiny Screenshot #2

The game has you taking on the role of a Guardian and travelling the planets of the solar system looking to secure humanities continued existence and find out the secrets of what happened in our past. The gameplay is meant to be awesome and a lot of people have been loving it on livestreams and such enjoying the social aspect that really feels more like an MMORPG than it does a shooter!

Destiny Screenshot #3

Destiny Screenshot #4

There's also a competitive aspect to the game much like Halo but with more of a twitch Call of Duty feel to things. It sees teams of Guardians fighting it out in 'training exercises' against each other. So plenty of Deathmatches and more. It's garnered a good response from the community so far getting it between a 7 to 9 on multiple different boards. Most big outlets have yet to get their reviews out for the game but I'm sure they will follow suit in terms of rating.

Best thing to do however is go and watch some gameplay videos! While the reviews and numbers are one part of the process go check out a Let's Player and find out what they think of the game first hand.

Don't forget to check out my article on Destiny where I mentioned how it could be the Perfect Pen & Paper RPG!

Have you picked up Destiny (you luck sods!)?

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