The Jarl of Sweden Appears At FireForge Games

April 17, 2017 by dracs

Fireforge Games have released a new hero figure from the annals of Swedish history, the statesmen Birgen Jarl.

Birger Jarl

Birgen Jarl, also known as Birgen Magnusson, was the Jarl, or Duke, of Sweden during the first half of the 13th century.

Many things are attributed to this Swedish nobleman, including the foundation of Stockholm, the consolidation of Sweden and the Second Swedish Crusade, establishing Swedish rule over Finland.

Birger Jarl Right

Birger Jarl Side

Fireforge have sculpted Birgen extolling his fellow countrymen to greatness. It's a good sculpt, with plenty of motion to it, framed nicely by the dramatic, flowing cape. Although I do wonder, does he ever trip over that?

Do you know more about this fascinating historical figure? What do you think of his miniature?

"Many things are attributed to this Swedish nobleman..."

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