New Company Diehard Miniatures Heading To Kickstarter This Year

May 18, 2015 by brennon

Diehard Miniatures are a company formed of Tim Prow, Chaz Elliot, Drew Williams and Richard Luong who have all had a history within the wargaming industry. Tim and Chaz worked with Games Workshop while Drew is an up and coming sculptor with Richard being part of the Cthulhu Wars project. See what you think of some of their work...

Frogs Of War

One of the models they've shown off is the Eru-Kin  Warrior who looks amazing in the concept art and the sculpt below it too. I love the degree of detail worked into the shield and the armour.

Eru-Kin Warrior

Eru-Kin Sculpt

The face is potentially more beak-like than I had original thought but still its nice to even see the teeth in there. Also that epic Maquahuitl, an Aztec weapon, could (according to some sources) cut a horses head off with one blow. Edged with obsidian or flint it was a very deadly weapon.

The team are looking to head to Kickstarter later this year in the Autumn so keep an eye out to see what kind of models start appearing from them.

What do you think?

"I love the degree of detail worked into the shield and the armour..."

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