Diehard Miniatures Hitting Kickstarter In October

July 24, 2015 by brennon

Diehard Miniatures are a new company coming to Kickstarter later this year in October. They have sent in some miniatures of us to take a look at that are both painted and in other stages of productions. See what you think of their handiwork so far...

Chaotic Creations

Kicking things off we have a look at some of their painted miniatures for the Chaotic faction within their world. You have the corrupted Ogre below and then the Snakeman who looks very cool indeed.

Chaotic Ogre

The Snakeman in particular caught my attention as I think he would be a fun model to see pop up in the world of Conan. I like that one of the heads is hissing at the enemy while the other stays stoic.


The team are looking to get a whole nine factions sorted for the Kickstarter launch in October. I think this is the right way to go about things, having a series of models all painted up and ready to go ahead of time to show what you can do.

Concepts & Designs

As well as these painted miniatures there are a range of other projects still being worked on and you can see some of them below. I particularly like the Chaos Warrior and Chaos Wizard although the Eru-Kin are going to get a lot of people excited I reckon.

Chaos Warrior

Chaos Warrior (Sketch)

Chaos Wizard

Chaos Wizard (Sketch)

The Chaos Wizard is a fantastic piece of design and the floating look works really, really well. He even has a bit of a warped Pan's Labyrinth style face which is neat and maybe hints to him being a creature of the forest before he was corrupted.

The Eru-Kin aren't your typical Lizardmen types either as you can see with the Tech Mage below. I love the fact that they've embraced the feel of the Predator here with the model. A more traditional model is the Troglodyte below too.

Eru-Kin Tech Mage


Last but not least we have a model that will probably make a few old school Warhammer fans smile. This Skeletal Knight reminds me of the kind of models we would have seen in boxes of Warhammer Quest or indeed an old metal boxed set of skeletons.

Skeletal Knight

Providing they can make an exciting Kickstarter campaign I think that Die Hard Miniatures will already have some fans when it all starts. They have some superb designs and plenty of cool ideas brewing around within their heads.

What do you think?

"The Chaos Wizard is a fantastic piece of design and the floating look works really, really well..."

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