Diehard Miniatures Back On Kickstarter With Revamped Campaign

November 4, 2015 by brennon

Diehard Miniatures have come back from their first try at Kickstarter with a revamped campaign which keeps the initial funding goal lower and keep some of the sculpts back for stretch goals. See what you think of the new set that forms the basis of the campaign...


Most of the models have actually been sculpted up but there are still some additional models out there that need your support. As well as that of course there is the cost of making them and shipping them out to people. If you like the look of Oldhammer style models then these could be for you...


You can see the models above as well as the upcoming ones. All of these were part of the initial goal last time which meant that the funding goal was much higher. Now they get to work on the models in compartmentalised sections and get them out to you in a different way.

The way in which to acquire your miniatures has been tweaked too with various kinds of pledge levels and ways to add additional models to your pledge too.

Their models are fantastic in terms of character and quality and I could see so many of these becoming heroes in role-playing games and leaders of armies on the battlefield.

What do you think?

"If you like the look of Oldhammer style models then these could be for you..."

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