A Divine Rage Dwarf is In Progress for January

December 28, 2014 by dracs

Divine Rage have published a series of WiP images showcasing a miniature they are working on for January, a heavily armoured and magnificently bearded new dwarf.

Divine Rage January

Divine Rage Dwarf 1

Divine Rage Dwarf 2

Divine Rage Dwarf 3

Wielding a shield as big as himself and with his axe buried in the head of a defeated monster, Divine Rage have come up with a very cinematic for this miniature. The shield is perhaps the defining feature of the model, the sheer size and ornamentation making it stand out.

However, I would say that I think the pose looks a little forced, making this look like a display piece rather than a model in the middle of combat. With his helmet under one arm and foot upon the severed head, this dwarf looks like he is posing for a celebratory photo.

Do you think you'd pick up Divine Rage's dwarf come the new year?

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