Divine Rage Sees The Coming Of Chaos Warriors & Surly Orcs!

October 6, 2014 by brennon

Divine Rage from Mom Miniatures has some more miniatures to show off in the work-in-progress stages. Not only Chaos Warriors but also Orcs have gathered their armies ready for war...

Chaos Warriors WIP #1

Chaos Warrior WIP #2

First up we have the Chaos Warriors with some rather cool looking chunky armour, big heavy weapons and some nicely detailed shields with cool iconography. These warriors have the look of the kind of Chaos Warriors you might have seen from Warhammer Fantasy but with some interesting changes to things like their helmets and armour plating.

The command element, especially the drummer, has more of an Imperial look to him showing where he came from originally.

Orcs WIP #1

Orcs WIP #2

Orcs WIP #3

As well as the mighty warriors from the wastes there's this collection of Orcs too. Once again they have the look of the ones that you've seen from other Fantasy games but with more of a 'realistic' look to them almost. Their faces don't have as much comedy in them instead replaced by just pure anger and a want to smash n' bash! I particularly like the champion in the middle image.

Since everything is in Spanish on the website I don't actually know when this is all coming out but let's hope soon!

What do you think of the units?

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