Divine Rage Show Progress on Their New Banner Bearer

December 9, 2014 by dracs

Divine Rage has recently shown off the progress they've made with the WiP of their upcoming human banner bearer.

Divine Rage WiP

Even at these early stages, this sculpt promises to be an excellent 28mm fantasy miniature. There is a lot going on with this sculpt, from the flowing robes wrapped about him, to the massive plumes on his helmet. He's also quite a portly chap, which sets him apart from the usual warriors we see in fantasy games.

The banner though is what really catches my attention. That thing is huge, and serves to frame the banner bearer himself quite well. I don't know if Divine Rage plan on sculpting a design onto the banner, but even if they choose not to that it the perfect opportunity for freehand painters to show off their skills.

Will this banner bearer carry your armies colours?

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