Divine Rage Promises Wrath and Fire Come June

May 4, 2015 by dracs

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Hot off the release of the Grand Daemon at MoMMiniatures, the Divine Rage fantasy figures are promising the coming of wrath and fire in June as a new WiP appears.


It appears to be some sort of heavily armoured, evil looking warrior, standing on what may well be hooves of some description. And as for that helmet... I think it's safe to say this is some sort of Chaos warrior.

The word above the miniature reads Quebrantadores, which apparently means something like Breakers in English. With a mace that size this guy could certainly break most things. Given Divine Rage's previous fantasy models, a unit of evil warriors should be an attractive prospect for an army or collection.

What have been your favourite Divine Rage miniatures so far? Is there any fantasy staple you want to see sculpted?

"I think it's safe to say this is some sort of Chaos warrior."

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