Play As Demons Or Marines In FFG’s DOOM Board Game

July 29, 2016 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have a new version of their DOOM Board Game coming back to the tabletop later this year. You will be able to take control of either the Demons of the facility or one of the UAC Marines fighting to send the demons abck to Hell...

DOOM Board Game

The game provides you with two Operations which will feature six Missions each. They will feature different maps and will come with all manner of objectives for you to complete. You'll be mostly brutalising demons and ripping them to pieces OR being ripped to shreds yourself by these Hell-beasts.

DOOM Game Layout

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta are the marines you'll get to control and they each start with a hand of cards that not only allow them to blast away enemies but also respond to attacks and dodge out of the way.

DOOM Cards

Importantly they have also implemented some staples of the first person shooter whereby you can pick up new items from around the map to add to your arsenal. Additionally Health Packs will be scattered around the map so you'll have to battle your way towards them and control them to stay alive.

DOOM Miniatures

The DOOM miniatures themselves are looking fantastic; especially the Demons. It's a shame that we don't have the one and only DOOM Guy joining the fight but maybe that's something we could see in expansion content.

Command Hell's Legions

The Demon player actually has a lot of fun ahead of them too. They will begin spawning lesser demons but as the invasion ramps up they will have access to other beasts like the Baron of Hell.

DOOM Enemy Cards

They all come with inherent abilities but you can upgrade them that little bit more with Argent Energy allowing you to focus on making particular Demons even nastier.

One thing that they stress a lot in the reveal for the game is that respawning and death is a GOOD thing. You are expected to die, respawn and come back to battle the demons again. Similarly the legions of Hell will be charging forth, dying and being re-summoned from the beyond.

I can't wait to see how the gameplay works for this. If it's as fun as it looks we could be in for a great game.

What do you think?

"You'll be mostly brutalising demons and ripping them to pieces OR being ripped to shreds yourself by these Hell-beasts..."

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