Drabant Miniatures Add More To Their Dark Age Line

December 10, 2013 by brennon

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Drabant Miniatures have put together more 28mm Dark Age Warriors for you to take on raids and form a shieldwall with. See what you think of their Normans, Vikings and Rus.

Norman Armoured Spearmen

Norman Unarmoured Soldiers

First up we have the Normans with both heavily armoured and unarmoured spearmen to make up your invasion force as it crosses the channel. I do like these miniatures from Drabant and they have plenty of different poses and what appears to be a great amount of detail.

Rus Warriors

On a bit of a curve ball they have also thrown in some awesome looking Rus models that will be charging around in Europe. This is a side that I hadn't considered picking up for a game like SAGA but I do like their armour design.

Viking Command

Viking Warriors

Viking Bowmen

To round things off we have some more from the world of Vikings with their Command, Warriors and Bowmen. It wouldn't be a Dark Age release without them would it I guess!

All of these are 28mm and would fit into an existing Dark Age army you have going for SAGA or any of the other rules sets.

What do you think?

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