Drabant Miniatures Draft In More Normans For The Invasion

November 18, 2014 by brennon

Drabant Miniatures are adding to their Dark Age range of 28mm miniatures with some more Normans. See what you think of these Crossbowmen that will be pinning you down with deadly bolts...

Norman Crossbowmen

The crossbow was a deadly weapon that was able to punch through armour and give the shooter plenty of range and power. This was offset with it taking longer to reload but if used in conjunction with an advancing infantry of cavalry force your archers had little to worry about.

The power of the crossbow was able to punch its way through shields as well as armour and flesh so all those Anglo-Saxons crouching behind that bristling thicket of spears and shields should beware.

Miniature wise these are really nicely detailed and I love that each of them is entirely different in look. Mix these in with some other metal and plastic Normans and you'll have quite the force.

What do you think?

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