Mounted Drabant Normans Charge Against Saxon Shields

February 28, 2014 by brennon

Drabant Miniatures, according to Miniatures.Ru, are bringing a new selection of Normans to the battlefield including a range of mounted knights and archers too.

Drabant Mounted Normans #1

Drabant Mounted Normans #2

Drabant Norman Noble

Above are some of the mounted examples that have been painted up. Two of the images show the Norman knights with their spears while the bottom image shows off a Noble of some kind with one of his retainers.

Drabant Norman Archers

Drabant Norman Nobles on Foot

As well as the mounted knights we also have a selection of archers to complement their on-foot contingent. They are somewhat missing the crossbow that we've also come to expect from Normans but I imagine a fair few of them just had regular bows as well.

Capping things off is that on-foot command selection all of which are missing their weapons but I would imagine we'll see banners and swords in there soon enough.

If you're a Norman player then you have a fair bit to be excited about in the near future!

What do you think?

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