SECTOR 6 Is On Kickstarter From Draco Ideas

December 14, 2016 by stvitusdancern

There is a little games company out of Spain called Draco Ideas that has run a couple of  successful Kickstarters in the past. I should know I have backed a couple of them (ONUS! Rome vs Carthage and 2GM Tactics Wargame ), now they are now in their third game, Sector 6 which is a tile placement/miniatures game with some unique mechanics in it.

In the game, you are a prisoner on a long forgotten stellar prison Obliti. As the prison decays, you must find supplies and more importantly oxygen to survive. In the first phase of the game, each player takes turns laying tiles of the game board.

You then place the oxygen tokens on the appropriate spaces and then place your miniature in the starting points. You then take turns racing through the maze of the prison collecting oxygen. What makes this game interesting is that movement is in straight lines and you also have the option of rotating tiles to block your opponents.

It looks pretty simple mechanically, however, the strategy behind it can get pretty deep. The designers have several different play options depend on the level of the game you want to play and who you are playing with. This will be a nice game to sit down with others who may not be a wargamer and get a night of fun with. Why not check it out for yourself.

What is your favourite non-wargame?

" must find supplies and more importantly oxygen to survive"

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