Dragon Age Dice & Set Three Coming Soon From Green Ronin!

January 14, 2014 by brennon

Green Ronin have been asked time and time again when the next set for the Dragon Age role-playing game is coming and finally they have an answer. It should be coming out towards the end of February, beginning of March! Oh and these epic Q Workshop Dice are coming too!

Q Workshop Dragon Age Dice

As you can see some of the dice have got the awesome Dragon logo on the side twined with the crest of the Grey Wardens too. The dark ones also come with Circle and Templar markings to tie them into the world.

The Dragon Age game is a seriously awesome role-playing system that while basic, has plenty going on for hours and hours of adventure. I have had a look through some of the test material on Set Three and there are rune items, massive monsters like the Arch Demon, and loads more backgrounds and specialties on the way.

I wonder how much of it will be there in the final version?

Will you be gunning for this?

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