Green Ronin Compile The Dragon Age RPG Rules Into One!

December 22, 2014 by brennon

Green Ronin have shown off the cover to their new Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook and it's very nice indeed. The art style is in keeping with the new game, Inquisition, which is neat too...

Dragon Age Core Role-Playing Book

This new book compiles all of the rules and background of the last three 'sets' into one place and gives you an entirely new adventure to play as well! The Dragon Age RPG is certainly one of the best I've played and also made for the longest running campaign I think I've ever Games Mastered as well. Lots of fun, even if the system can be a bit simple at times.

The game isn't without it's faults of course but if you're looking for a good starter role-playing game this one is pretty perfect. The book is also going to be hardback and full colour I should add!

Do you think you'll pick it up?

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