Green Ronin Preview Dragon Age Set 3 Class Art

May 7, 2013 by brennon

Green Ronin Publishing have had a long time to consider Set 3 for Dragon Age and finally it looks like it should be hitting shelves and the internet. Check out the artwork for the new set below for Warrior, Rogue and Mage too...

Dragon Age Epic Warrior

Dragon Age Epic Rogue

Dragon Age Epic Mage

As you can see the classes for Dragon Age have got a lot more Epic in nature and the new set carries heroes from level 10 all the way to level 20. After looking through playtest material it seems like there is plenty more on offer for budding adventurers.

New Focuses, Talents, Equipment and Backgrounds are on offer as well as a new selection of Specialisations that include the Chevalier who gets access to Lances as a Weapon Group!

If all of this sounds a little complicated already don't fret. You can play the Quickstart version of the game or read my Review and most of this will become clear. I might have to do a Set 2 review at some point!

Have you been waiting for Set 3?

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