Roll For Stunts With New Dragon Age Dice Set

February 14, 2014 by brennon

We previewed these a few weeks ago but now Green Ronin have put the Dragon Age Dice Set up for pre-order over on their webstore. These are some very stylish looking dice and I am very, very close to grabbing them. I do enjoy the Dragon Age role-playing game!

Dragon Age Dice Set

Dragon Age Dice

As you see it comes in a nice little box which bears the imagery of the new game. This does lead towards us potentially getting more and more from the Dragon Age game as the video game comes to fruition on digital platforms.

I love the style of the dice with both Dragon, Blood Mage and Grey Warden designs on them. There's even enough dice to decide which exactly will be your Dragon one. Always good to switch it up!

Will you pick them up?

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