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Dragon Forge Design Some Urban Rubble


Dragon Forge Design have previewed their next two bases, a pair that sends your models stomping over Urban Rubble.

Dragon Forge Design Test New Az-Tech & Occult Base Cast Designs


The team at Dragon Forge Design have been testing out so new base designs for their base range. First up are their 90mm and 100mm "Az-tech" test castings. The 90mm cast includes a two part modular area which can be […]

Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?


Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We've collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them...

Dragon Forge Design Announces Next Kickstarter for Tech-Deck Bases


Dragon Forge Design is taking to Kickstarter this month to seek help getting out there next set of bases.

Dragon Forge Design Base a Broken Wasteland


Dragon Forge Design released a new set of bases this month which leave our miniatures stranded on the parched earth of a Broken Wasteland.

Ancient Ruins II Base Series Will Help Set the Scene For Your Mini


Now you can capture the visual effect of ruins in the Ancient Ruins II Base Series Kickstarter by Dragon Forge Designs. They have bases in a wide range of sizes as well as objective markers, sure to add character to your game!

Dragon Forge’s Bases Crack Up


Dragon Forge have previewed some new bases which will have the world cracking apart under your models feet.

Dragon Forge Base Us in Az-Tech Times


Dragon Forge's new range of Mesoamerican style bases are now available for you to use with your miniatures. Here are just a couple of the scales that are now out.

Dragon Forge Send Your Minis Down a Rocky Path


Dragon Forge are going to bringing out a couple of new Slate bases to send your miniatures over the rocky roads of the battlefield.

Steampunk Your Miniatures with Dragonforge Design


Check out these awesome Steampunk bases from Dragonforge Design!

Fighting in the Far Future with Dragon Forge Bases


What will you be using these bases for in your wargaming?

Dragon Forge Design Travel to a Desecrated Land


Dragon Forge Design take you on a trip to a ruined and blasted land.

Dragon Forge Burn Rubber with New Bike Bases


Dragon Forge Designs hit the road with some new bases.

Dragon Forge Designs Bring out the Jackhammer


Dragon Forge Designs get you sorted with some extra conversion bitz!

From Deserts to the Icy Kingdoms with Dragon Forge Designs


Dragon Forge Designs take you on a journey with their variety of scenic bases.

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