Dragon Forge Design Base a Broken Wasteland

December 31, 2014 by dracs

Dragon Forge Design released a new set of bases this month which leave our miniatures stranded on the parched earth of a Broken Wasteland.

Broken Wasteland 32mm

Broken Wasteland 25 x 70mm

Broken Wasteland 55mm

Broken Wasteland 100mm

Broken Wasteland Oval

Dragon Forge's Broken Wasteland bases, when painted in this style, do help to give the impression of a dry and cracked landscape, utterly inhospitable to life. It's a simple, but effective design that allows for flat surfaces for easy basing.

The danger here was that it ran the risk of becoming too simple. However, Dragon Forge have managed to steer clear of this with the simple addition of dried up gulleys cutting through the bases.

Would you use these bases for your miniatures?

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