Dragon Forge Designs Bring out the Jackhammer

June 15, 2012 by brennon

Dragon Forge Designs take a break from the new selection of bases and bring us some conversion bitz for your tabletop gaming. Let's see what's on offer...

Renegade Backpack Set

First up we have a set of Renegade Backpacks for heroic scale miniatures. Could you see yourself kitting out some Chaos Marines with these? I would be tempted with what else is on offer from Dragon Forge to use them for something nice and steampunk instead!

Port Caps Set

Next up is a set of Port Caps and you can see now why I would suggest all these new conversion bitz would be fantastic for the steampunk models out there. You could really get something industrial going, changing some of your old terrain to fit a completely new era.

Cable Bundles Set

There's also this Cable Bundle Set which would work great on your bases or terrain. Could create a laboratory swimming with these cables all fizzing with electricity.

Jack Hammer

And then there's a Jackhammer! Strap this to the side of a tank or find some huge model to wield it? Looks like it could do just as much damage to bone as it does to concrete!

Any of these bitz take your fancy?

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