Steampunk Your Miniatures with Dragonforge Design

September 11, 2012 by brennon

Dragonforge Design have a new range of bases available which head into the world of Steampunk. Check out the Crux Machina bases which are looking fantastic...

30mm Crux Machina Bases

50mm Crux Machina Bases

120mm Crux Machina Bases

I love all the secrets on these bases. The hidden cogs, the patterned designs and the way rubble has been worked into the machinery is all great. Plenty of flat areas to build up and/or pose your miniatures easily and hopefully an easy finish. I reckon with a few coats of paint and then a good wash these would look amazing.

This is just a selection of the bases within the range.

Will you be checking out the rest of them?

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