Drake Begins To Wake Up Its Deadly Dragon Miniatures

November 22, 2013 by brennon

Drake: The Dragon Wargame looks to be unleashing some of it's Dragons into the world thanks to a successful Kickstarter second time around. See what you think of this rather fiery miniatures game.

Drake Miniatures

As you can see they have plenty of their miniatures ready and raring to go and some absolutely awesome looking Dragons are making an appearance. As much as we have the smaller ones to play around with I'd much prefer to JUST be playing with Dragons!

Rish Dragon

One of the new Dragons that caught my eye is this Rish Dragon. Even though the wings are a little smaller than I would have thought the armour and the sculpting as a whole looks pretty top notch.

According to the website the first shipment of their models is heading out into the world and will soon be growing as they add more models to the site. I am looking forward to seeing what else they can offer.

I really would like that Rish Dragon!

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