Drake: The Dragon Wargame Heading Back To Kickstarter

February 4, 2014 by brennon

Drake: The Dragon Wargame from Action Games Miniatures has put up a teaser for their return to Kickstarter on February 5th. They are hoping to unlock some more models and help bring their game to the world with help for packing and shipping it out.

Drake Horizons II

Drake Mini Booklet

Along with the Kickstarter news they have also made their mini-booklet of rules available to folks for free! You can check it out by following the link right HERE.

It's certainly hard to pass up a game filled with Dragons so it might be worth looking through the rules and seeing how this game plays. Some of their dragons are utterly awesome so it would pay to keep an eye out for the launch of the Kickstarter too.

Did you back them first time around?

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