Drake: The Dragon Wargame Web Store Opens!

June 16, 2014 by brennon

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Drake: The Dragon Wargame has battled across Kickstarter and beyond and now their web store has opened with not only their Two Player Starter Set but a couple of other awesome miniatures too. See what you think...

Two Player Starter Set

First up we have said Starter Set which comes with a pair of dragons, all the cards you need and the little bits and pieces that make the game go round. I do like the idea of more games using dice other than d6. The set also comes with a Quick Start Rules Pack so you can pick things up as you go.

Drak Rider


As well as the Starter Set we also have this pair of interesting looking miniatures. I am a big fan of that awesome Drak Rider and I would love to see a whole regiment of those thundering across the tabletop. Corbrulo on the other hand is less impressive, in my opinion anyway, but as well as being another piece for Drake would actually not be so bad as something dungeon delving related I reckon.

The game certainly looks relatively good and they have had a lot of success on Kickstarter. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of the typical looking dragons soon!

What do you think of Drake?

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