Drakerys Fantasy Kickstarter Now Over!

June 25, 2014 by brennon

The Drakerys Kickstarter Campaign has been incredibly well funded and they are now closing in on the last few days of it and still unlocking stretch goals. There is so much for you to get involved with here it seems!

Drakerys Sample

The base game comes with chivalric Humans and wild Orcs and of course everything else you need to play the game that looks very lavish and incredibly well presented. Every fantasy race has been catered for it appears, and more than you'd expect, but the latest update has been for Dwarves!

Aurium Dwarves

Now that's a pretty awesome looking army of small folk ready to smash some kneecaps in. But it would remiss to talk about these chaps and not the rest of their future stretch goals that might indeed get broken if folk keep pledging away.

Stretch Goal #1

Stretch Goal #2

It would be rather cool to see them unlock a few more heroes and considered they have now become at least 500% funded it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility to see them crack those higher up levels. The entire campaign seems to have been planned very well and made interesting as pledges racked up.

The miniatures look very good and they have a nice original feel to them so it might be something worth checking out if you'd like a new Fantasy game in your collection.

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