Drakerys Lord it Over the Four Elements of Kickstarter

May 27, 2014 by dracs

Drakerys has headed to Kickstarter and has already managed to get itself fully funded! Now it is time to work on the stretch goals, which include the four overlords of the elements.

As of me writing this, the Fire and Air Elemental Overlords have both been unlocked, and the Fire Overlord has even had its WIP sculpt show up.

Fire Elemental Overlord

Air Elemental Overlord

Still to come we have the Overlords of Water and Earth.

Water Elemental Overlord

Earth Elemental Overlord

These Elemental Overlords each have a great design and since the elements play a major part in Drakerys they should make promising centre pieces for the game, judging by the WIP of the Fire Overlord.

Is Drakerys a game you're interested in? Are you going to chip into this Kickstarter?

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