Get In On Drakerys as the Pledge Manager Heads Out

December 5, 2014 by dracs

The Pledge Manager for Drakerys' Kickstarter has headed out to all its backers and gives you a chance to customise your orders, or hop on board if you didn't get the chance to pledge.

Drakerys Pledge Manager

Those of you who want to get into Drakerys now have the option to head over to their webstore where you will have the opportunity to pick up a Kickstarter pledge.

Drakerys Pledges

Alternately, you can put in a pre-order for the various miniatures, accessories and sets that will be seeing release next year.

Drakerys Starter Set

Fir the Free

Kingdom of Avaren

It's always good to see a new gaming company emerge from Kickstarter successful and with some rather impressive products to show for it. Drakerys is an interesting fantasy game with its own distinct style (the elves are my favourite). I'm looking forward to hearing what people's experiences with the game are like once the models themselves come out next year.

Did you support Drakerys? Do you think you might now the Pledge Manager is out?

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