Get in a Flap as Drakerys Drags Out a Dragon!

June 19, 2014 by dracs

There is less than a week left on the Drakerys Kickstarter, but something big has just awoken in it. Be ware, for here be dragons!

Drakerys Dragon

What is a fantasy game without dragons after all? Drakerys have managed to come out with a dragon design that, while recognisably a dragon, is very unique in design and looks like an original take on the familiar creatures.

The great thing about Drakerys dragons is that they can be taken by any army as long as they can meet the cost. However, there is a down side to taking one of these monsters. They are bloodthirsty, and can just as easily turn on your own guys if you're not careful. Sounds fun right?

If you want to grab a Drakerys dragon you better hurry to Kickstarter and chip in as the end is fast approaching.

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