The Orc Ragnor Brings Destruction to Drakerys

July 28, 2014 by dracs

A new update has appeared for the game of Drakerys, bringing us the latest WiP images of the orc hero Ragnor, the Scourge of Koban.

Ragnor Scourge of Koban

This massive orc keeps the unique style of Drakerys' race of greenskins, while still being what we tend to expect from orcs. To my eye, it seems there is something rather ape-like about his features. It is as if Jim Henson tried to make Planet of the Apes.

A new piece of concept art has also appeared, featuring a modified version of the special hero Fantom.


This design is nicely over-the-top, and will make a good rogue style character model, although I assume it would be a major drawback not being able to look around as your collar gets in the way.

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