Outwit the Dragon & Escape With the Treasure in Drakon!

January 8, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

In the second quarter of 2015, Fantasy Flight Games is bringing out a new edition of Drakon! Drakon is a classic board game where heroes try to outwit the Dragon, Drakon, and escape with his treasure!

drakon box

In Drakon, 2-6 players try to be the first,and ONLY, to escape the dragon's labyrinth after collecting 10 gold pieces. Yes, I said only. Drakon does not like to be robbed, but he is not entirely unreasonable. He will allow 1 hero to keep his spoils, that is if they can find their way out from the labyrinth! Anyone else left in the lair will find themselves a meal for the mighty, Drakon.

drakon game

Players control heroes with different single use abilities to help them in their quest. Timing is everything, as players must choose just the right time to use their ability and gain an advantage. The labyrinth is formed by players placing tiles/chambers on the table in their turns. A hero can either move into the next chamber and deal with whatever lies within or they can place a tile one the board. The contents of the chambers may be good or bad and the pieces that players collect on the way may be worth 1, 2, or 3 gold pieces- which makes the game extra interesting because the pieces are kept face down by players, so they never really know how well the opponents are doing.

drakon minis

On top of having a fun mechanic, the game has some rather nice miniatures including the very impressive, Drakon, who is moved about on in the game based upon events in the chambers as he toys with the heroes.

Will you be looting Drakon's lair?

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