The Corporation’s Female Team Gets Ready for DreadBall

September 5, 2012 by brennon

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DreadBall is going from strength to strength on its Kickstarter page and Mantic now have an interesting potential new stretch goal. A Female Corporation Team! Check out the concept art below...

DreadBall Female Corporation Team

I can see this being a big hit, giving you an alternative for the DreadBall pitch and looking good in the process. Mantic also want to know which of the variant heads these ladies should be wearing, so make sure to give your opinion on that.

Number 88 MVP

They also have concept art for Number 88 MVP. This mysterious individual turns up to play DreadBall and then is gone before you can even get round to interviewing him. A real enigma in the game! So will you be pledging to unlock a full female team?

"He or she (nobody is quite sure) appeared from nowhere, disappears entirely between matches and never gives interviews. This, of course, only makes the fans want to know about Number 88 even more, and the speculation has reached conspiracy theory proportions about where he/ she comes from and what they actually are. Robots, aliens and vat-bred super soldiers all feature heavily among the tabloid sports channels. Nobody knows for sure."

So will you be pledging to unlock a full female team?

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