The DreadBall Kickstarter Busts More & More Targets!

August 31, 2012 by brennon

DreadBall is going from strength to strength and has busted a few more targets over the week. Check out the concept art for the two MVP miniatures that are certainly getting added to your pledge packages by Mantic Games...

DreadBall John Doe MVP

DreadBall Wildcard MVP

Above you can see both John Doe and Wildcard. John Doe is certainly a gribbly beastie, reminiscent of Cthulhu mythos and even the Flood if you're a fan of Halo. Wildcard also has a little bit of the Halo about her harkening to Cortana. Over all though I think most will be imagining she's Olivia Wilde's character from Tron Legacy.

Striker Level Kickstarter Package

And this is the Striker package if you pledge $150. That is a lot of stuff and seems to be the sweet spot for the ultimate DreadBall experience. I think it's clear that DreadBall has plucked the heartstrings of many, many wargamers and when it's finally released I could see this appearing at most gaming groups.

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