The DreadBall Kickstarter from Mantic Games is Live!

August 24, 2012 by brennon

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If you're a fan of sports games with a twist then DreadBall might be the game for you! Mantic Games have already teased this game not only at Gen Con but across the web and now the counter has no hit zero. It's time to pledge...

DreadBall Set

Above you can see what comes in the basic set, but of course with Kickstarter the extras are close behind. You're already getting a great deal but what about adding in...

DreadBall Pledge Unlocks make your DreadBall experience all the better? Of course the best team is going to be the Forge Fathers but I suppose the other factions should get a look in too.

Corporation Vs Marauders

Forge Fathers Vs Veer-Myn

I have had the pleasure of playing this game and I can testify to it being a hell of a lot of fun! Mantic have ALREADY smashed their pledge target and the cash is still pouring in. Get over there and start pledging for what is a fantastic game.

The Ref

Next up at the $40,000 target is this awesome looking Ref. An all seeing, all knowing robot!

Are you looking forwards to hitting the pitch with DreadBall?

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