DreadBall Season 2 Is Coming Soon To A Venue Near You

March 16, 2013 by brennon

A new newsletter from Mantic Games brings word of DreadBall Season 2 starting soon at a venue near you. You can check out the cover art for this new rule pack below...

DreadBall Season 2

The new rules will bring with it some fantastic teams like the Judwan, Robots, Female Corporation and Z'zor as well as covering the likes of coaches, cheerleaders, and expanded league play.

Chromium Chargers Robot

My personal favourites for this Season is the fantastic Robot team that you can see above. Admittedly they would have to work pretty hard to shove the Forge Fathers off the top spot but a close second for these metallic all stars!

Are you looking forwards to DreadBall Season 2?

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