What’s Better than DreadBall? Ultimate DreadBall!

September 25, 2012 by brennon

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With the DreadBall Kickstarter nearing its conclusion this week and the pledged amount rising steadily its time to look forwards to the future of this Sci-Fi Sports Game from Mantic Games. Well here is the first look at some classified DreadBall imagery from the expansion, Ultimate DreadBall!

Ultimate DreadBall Mech

Ultimate DreadBall, while still quite secret at the moment will introduce players like the one above, Big Guys if you will. Jake Thornton has been given a very loose lease with this one and he seems to have let his mind wander to some very big places! Expanded rules will also be coming to the DreadBall pitch making your games even more frantic. With a little extra pledging you guys can make this a reality.

Jack Level Pledge

Striker Level Pledge

These are two of the sweet spots above for pledging, netting you a massive range of different components and teams. If you want to get into DreadBall quickly and help Mantic Games push on to greater things then seriously check it out!

DreadBall Logo

Click the logo and go pledge!

What do you want to see in Ultimate DreadBall?

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