More DreadBall Concepts and Some Battle Foam Support!

September 19, 2012 by brennon

More MVP concepts have appeared for the DreadBall Kickstarter from Mantic Games. Check out the thin and the (seriously) thick below. Do they have a place on your team?

Anne-Marie Helder Human MVP

First up is Helder, the Human Team MVP. I doubt it will surprise any of you that she likes to do a fair bit of blocking and smashing when she's on the pitch. Off the pitch she also has a successful cook book series. Again, I don't think anyone is in any doubts as to who ate all the pies...

Nightshade Asterian MVP

Next up is the Asterian MVP, Nightshade. This fellow is certainly a lot more on the lean side, looking more like a superhero than a DreadBall player. I suppose that plays into his popularity with the fans. Robot as also on the way, so watch out for concepts of them!

Battle Foam DreadBall Foam Inserts

Battle Foam have also joined forces with Mantic to produce these Foam Trays to carry your precious DreadBall miniatures (up to 83 of them!). They also have enough space for all your cards, dice and counters. The Acrylic and MDF boards also fit inside the Battle Foam Bag.

While the cost might be mounting up, there are still some good deals to be had here. If you're looking to get yourself started in DreadBall and want literally everything then you can head over and pledge.

Which is your favourite from the two new MVPs?

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