DreadBall 2nd Edition: New Eden Revenants – Team Chat

March 30, 2018 by johnlyons

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It's time to have a chat with Rob from Mantic Games to talk about the New Eden Revenants for DreadBall Second Edition.

Dreadball 2nd Edition: New Eden Revenants - Team Chat

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The New Eden Revenants are quite the sight to behold, and yet they are probably the most versatile teams among all the factions. They may be a little slower on the pitch due to the decaying muscle matter but the range of potential for kitbashing will make it one of the more unique teams to play in DreadBall.

What are your favourite factions for DreadBall?

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Dreadball 2nd Edition: New Eden Revenants - Team Chat

There is loads included within each bundle; all to get you started in Mantic Games’ DreadBall!

  • DreadBall 2nd Edition Core Set
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  • Limited Edition Blaine MVP
  • Galactic Tour Expansion Pack
  • Event Deck Expansion
  • Matsudo Tectonics Team
  • New Eden Revenants Team

All you have to do is comment below on any of the videos from this week and we’ll be picking three winners at random to announce on a future Weekender show.

Which DreadBall team will you be playing as?

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