Insectoid Z’zor & Team Coaches As DreadBall Passes $250,000!

September 17, 2012 by brennon

DreadBall is going from strength to strength and with this success from the Mantic Games Kickstarter comes more concept art for the upcoming stretch goals. Check out what's coming below...

Z'zor Team

First up is this Z'zor Team which continue a rather original streak from Mantic for the future of DreadBall. I love the idea that these creepy beings have gotten themselves involved in the world of Sci-Fi sports and it's also good to see what might be coming in the future for Warpath.


Free Agent Coach Ronnie Renton

Next up is the addition of Coaches to your Kickstarter package. As well as the race specific ones you can also get your likeness modeled onto a coach allowing you to feature in your games of DreadBall. Let's hope it looks as cool as Ronnie's version above!

What level are you pledging at, and what do you think of the Z'zor?

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