Mantic Games Gets a DreadBall Buzzcut

April 12, 2013 by dracs

Mantic are bringing a new look to the muscle-bound, lantern-jawed player known  only as Buzzcut. Check this guy out, but don't get in his way!

Buzzcut Alternative

Buzzzcut Alternative 2

"If eating your greens makes you grow up big and strong, then Buzzcut must have devoured forests as a child because he is huge. On the pitch he wears some armour, but generally plays almost stripped to the waist as if preparing for some manual labour which, in a way, he is. His usual excuse is that the uniforms come off when he gets into a fight anyway, and it is true that things seem to break when he is about. This doesn’t stop him being fined in almost every game for being improperly attired. As if he cared."

Someone fetch me some greens, I have discovered the secret to becoming tall!

Buzzcut certainly looks the part of a hulking brute of a player. His grotesque proportions and stance give him the impression of being as unstoppable as a freight train.

Mantic have also given us our first glimpse at what to expect in the new rule book fro Dreadball season 2.

Dreadball Book Preview

Things are certainly gearing up at Mantic as we approach the new series and I am sure fans and players alike are excited with all these new developments and releases.

What team do you take to the pitch?

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