Mantic Goes “Xtreme” Giving Away Player Manuals For DreadBall

June 11, 2015 by stvitusdancern

The guys over at Mantic Games are getting a little crazy! This time they are giving away the new player manual for DreadBall Xtreme if you purchase the game during June from their webstore.

Dreadball Extreme

This new manual gives you rules on how to bring over all the teams from DreadBall and adapt them for "Extreme" action, it also has six new sponsors and rules to allow you to build custom teams from any player in any faction in the DreadBall universe.

Dreadball Extreme

If you are not familiar with the game (really, how come?) it is set in futuristic worlds throughout the galaxy essentially run by big corporations who have sponsored these football / rugby teams to play in arenas all over. DreadBall is the biggest sporting event in the galaxy. DreadBall Xtreme takes the game outside the confines of the league and brings into the street ball level where players get together for blood sport and play the game without all the rules of the league.

Xtreme Promo

Oh, there are exploding traps on the playing field just to make things interesting. With the release of Season Five the game just continues to get better and better. I think it's time to recruit a new team and head off to the dark corners of the galaxy.

Are you game?

"DreadBall is the biggest sporting event in the galaxy..."

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