More Painted All Stars Hit The DreadBall Pitch From Mantic

December 21, 2012 by brennon

Mantic Games have been hard at work painting up models for their game of DreadBall. Check out two of the MVPs below, Gorim Ironstone and Number 88...

Gorim Ironstone"Nobody expects Forge Fathers to be fast, and it’s true that even Gorim is unlikely to break any records against the Veer- myn. But among his kin he shows a real turn of speed. Whilst you might be forgiven for expecting an old warrior to take up the game as a Guard, Gorim now avoids combat entirely, preferring instead to pay as little attention to the opposition as possible as he goes about his scoring. This entails absorbing quite a lot of punishment, which he soaks up without complaint. As his fans in the crowd roar, “He can take it!”"

Number 88

"He or she (nobody is quite sure) appeared from nowhere, disappears entirely between matches and never gives interviews. This, of course, only makes the fans want to know about number 88 even more, and the speculation has reached conspiracy theory proportions about where he/ she comes from and what they actually are. Robots, aliens and vat-bred super soldiers all feature heavily among the tabloid sports channels. Nobody knows for sure."

These are two nicely painted miniatures. My bias swings towards Gorim for obvious reasons (I do like Dwarves...) but the paint job on him is pretty cool. I like his stance too, hulking up ready for a fight.

Number 88 on the other hand is sleek and seems to be avoiding the fight. I like the mysterious nature of him and it's always good to see someone paint black well.

Have you been having many games of DreadBall?

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