Penny Arcade & Mantic Games Join Forces for DreadBall!

September 26, 2012 by brennon

Many of you will know the Penny Arcade webcomics, as well as their work with Wizards of the Coast. But did you know 'Gabe' was also a DreadBall player? Check out the concept art from Mantic Games below!

Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel MVP

"When Jonathan "Gabe" Gabriel died on the pitch, smashed into a uniform paste by the legendary Buzzkill, it was assumed to be the end of his career. When a jockstrap rich in genetic material was discovered, he became the first crowdfunded resurrection by cloning."

This model is incredibly limited edition and can be added to your pledge levels via their Kickstarter page. It's great to see more companies getting behind the DreadBall game and pushing it to even headier climbs! Maybe we'll soon see a comic with a bit of a DreadBall flavour to it?

What do you think of this new player?

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