Robots, Cheerleaders and More in DreadBall!

September 24, 2012 by brennon

As well as the video above from Ronnie looking into the progress of the DreadBall Kickstarter, there was a lot of concept art over the past week or so. Check a selection of it from Mantic Games below...

First we have Robots...

Robot Concepts

Robot Team MVP

Then we have Cheerleaders...


Some battered individuals...

Knocked Down Forge Father

Knocked Down Goblin

How about some Asterians?

Asterian Jack

Asterian Female MVP

And finally a Work-in-Progress for Number 88 the MVP...

Number 88 MVP Sculpt

And there is far more to come. We'll have some awesome content on DreadBall soon so watch this space. The Second Season teams are now Judwan, Asterians, Female Corporation and the Z'zor so there is plenty to be looking forwards too.

What team do you think you'll be backing on release?

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