What Does Season 2 Hold for Mantic Games’ DreadBall?

September 11, 2012 by brennon

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DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game has done incredibly well in its Kickstarter so far. So well in fact that with nineteen days left to go Mantic Games are already thinking about the future of their game. Season 2 is beckoning and it has some fantastic surprises for us...

DreadBall Season 2 Logo

The future is certainly a bright one. With the success of the Kickstarter Ronnie Renton has been looking forwards to the different ways DreadBall could be played. A new Season brings a new team for the Corporation, a Female Team. It also brings the Zz'or out of Warpath lore, a mighty team of Robots and an Alien race known as the Judwan.

Corporation Female Team

And that's just the start. Along with the teams comes MVPs, Cheerleaders and even two variants of the original boxed game. The first of these is DreadBall Ultimate where Jake Thornton has free reign to unleash some big beasts onto the neon pitch. Then, as if that wasn't cool enough there is DreadBall Xtreme where the game takes to the streets. Here teams can be mixed up, alliances can be formed and broken and you'll be playing on 'pitches' with 3D terrain!

The focus really seems to be that Mantic want choice, lots of choice. Kickstarter and the gamers that pledge are making that happen and this can only be good for us. Check out some more of the concept art for the upcoming MVPs and the awesome looking Corporation Goalie below...

Corporation Goalie

A Keeper or Goalie is an upgraded Guard from your DreadBall team who has access to new equipment allowing him to punt the ball down field.

Wyn Greth'zki

"Wyn Greth’ski was once consigned to the dank back rooms of the advanced cybernetics laboratories on Ico IV; a by-product of failed A.I. research and over-ambitious technicians stretching too far, too quickly."


"If eating your greens makes you grow up big and strong, then Buzzcut must have devoured forests as a child because he is huge. On the pitch he wears some armour, but generally plays almost stripped to the waist as if preparing for some manual labour which, in a way, he is."

You can find out more about these MVP's on the DreadBall website, as well as checking out a whole host of other information. If you're also interested in knowing more about Ronnie vision for the game then check out his full update HERE.

Of course there are still a few weeks left of this Kickstarter, so make the next season a certainty!

Don't forget to check out the Gameplay video for DreadBall in this previous article too...

Learn the Art of the DreadBall Rush!

What do you think about this future vision for DreadBall?

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