Two Star Players Make DreadBall Crowds Cheer

April 22, 2013 by dracs

In Dreadball it is the star players which really draw in the crowd, giving them a reason to cheer, boo or often wince. Well Mantic have two new MVP's who will be stepping onto DreadBall pitch ready for the second season.

Anne-Marie Helder


The female guard, Anne-Marie Helder, is certainly a characterful figure. Her proportions stand her out from the many other female figures, definitely a plus when you can't see her face.

But it is Rico who, true to nature, steals the show. Everything about this guy is showy, from his expression to his stance. Even the little love heart belt buckle. People are going to enjoy tackling this guy and seeing how badly they can hurt him.

Will either of these stars of Dreadball be joining your teams when the time comes to step out onto the pitch?

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